Founded in 1911, Nissan has been making quality cars and trucks for over 100 years. At Rocky Ridge Trucks we have put together a range of packages for these 4×4 trucks and SUVs. Our custom-developed lift kits and packages take your Nissan higher than ever before. The Nissan Titan XD features all of our most popular lifted truck packages. The Nissan Armada Z3 brings the whole family along for the ride. Enjoy the high life with our elevated Titan K2. Whatever you're looking for your, Rocky Ridge has the right options for your lifted truck.
The Nissan Titan K2 from Rocky Ridge is built to capture the spirit of Nissan's pinnacle truck. This lifted truck package is built to climb any mountain, go anywhere, and make you feel unstoppable in the process. It also makes a bold, head-turning statement as it stands tall and gives you a commanding view of the road ahead. This is one savage truck you'll be eager to tame every time you get behind the wheel.
This NEW 2018 Nissan Titan by Rocky Ridge K2 is a SV Midnight Edition equipped with the following upgrades:
  • 6" Suspension Lift by Rocky Ridge
  • 35" Mickey Thompson Tires
  • 20" Gun Metal Wheels
  • Hyper Tech Speed Calibration
  • Color coded Fender Flares
  • Stainless steel dual exhaust
  • Black ceramic exhaust tips
  • Spray-in Bed-liner
  • Leather Interior with perforated inserts
  • K2 Door Emblems
  • Rocky Ridge Windshield Banner!
The equipment is COVERED for 5 Years/ 100,000 miles  to coincide with the Factory Warranty! 

"The COWBOY" We start with a stock Nissan Titan XD with heavy duty frame and 12,000-pound towing capacity to handle a horse trailer and farm equipment. The suspension is upgraded with a 3" lift kit and larger all terrain tires to provide better clearance in pastures and on dirt roads. No cowboy wants to look like he's driving a monster truck or something from a truck show. A full-size brush guard with winch option is added for when there just is not enough time to stop and cut down those saplings or move that tree in the road.

We picked a black truck that will look awesome cleaned up for a night on the town with the cowboy's favorite cowgirl.





Rocky Ridge Trucks is an advanced vehicle upfitter known as an SVM (Specialty Vehicle Manufacturer) that builds upfitted trucks and SUVs in accordance to OE specifications. Rocky Ridge Trucks is certified through NHTSA and holds bailment pool agreements with multiple manufacturers. Rocky Ridge's manufacturing standard, along with a long list of factory and industry certifications, give you the opportunity to purchase a new customized vehicle direct from an authorized dealership while keeping the original factory warranty in place. Also, Rocky Ridge provides an additional warranty of 5 years/100,000 miles to cover components directly installed by Rocky Ridge Trucks.

Rocky Ridge has up to ten different packages for our vehicles, depending on the base model. If you are shopping for a Rocky Ridge vehicle but would like something different, please ask us about all the available options! Here are some of the key benefits to a Rocky Ridge up-fitted Nissan:

When it comes to Rocky Ridge, you know you're dealing with the best in the industry. They manufacture thousands of custom lifted trucks every year. Every lifted truck and SUV that Rocky Ridge puts together is carefully assembled to maintain the same standard of quality as the original manufacturer. Rocky Ridge refuses to outsource or lose oversight of any part of the process. Rocky Ridge builds the entire upfit in-house at one of their nine different facilities scattered around their 26 acre campus. Each facility is dedicated to performing a different part of the process to perfection and throughout this process your vehicle goes through 7 different stages of quality control. From start to finish, Rocky Ridge Trucks executes every part of your truck's customization with painstaking detail. Every vehicle that Rocky Ridge delivers is built based around their guiding principles of quality, innovation, and trust. That's how they've became the top manufacturer of off-road and performance trucks and SUVs in the United States.