Grand Strand Rental Vehicles


Nissan Rental Cars provides personalized customer service, competitive rates, and the superior quality available only from Nissan. Grand Strand Nissan offers $35.95 per day compact car rentals. Unlimited miles!

Nissan Versa (Economy) - $35.95/ day or $200/week

Nissan Sentra (Midsize) - $45.95/ day or $300/week

Nissan Altima (Midsize) - $45.95/ day or $300/week

Nissan Rogue (Midsize SUV) - $45.95/ day or $300/ week

Nissan Frontier (Midsize Truck)- $45.95/day or $300/week

Nissan Maxima (Premium) - $99.99/day or $650/ week

Nissan Murano ( Prem SUV) - $99.99/day or $650/week

Nissan Pathfinder ( Prem SUV) - $99.99/day or $650/week

* Requirements to Renting at Grand Strand Nissan:

- Must be 21 years of age
- Must have a valid driver's license
- Proof of insurance that covers rentals Max 1,000 deductible
- All Renters are subject to security $250 deposit
- A major credit card*
* Pre-paid, debit, or checking cards are not accepted * Rentals are for use in South Carolina only Please call Service Department in advanced to reserve a vehicle at 843-236-2191.